Granit has slightly porous texture, therefore all granite countertops, windowsills, steps are sealed prior to installation. The sealant penetrates the stone surface closing small openings and preventing the granite surface from penetration of alcohol, juice, drinks, cosmetics, chemicals, food or oil. Currently on the Polish market there are many producers of natural stone sealants, for example, the AKEMI company offers high quality products.

A sample AKEMI sealant
AKEMI® Anti-Fleck is a ready for use product based on modified oligomeric alkylalkoxysiloxanes. The product is absorbed by the capillary forces of the stone and can therefore penetrate especially deep. A polysiloxane results from the catalytic reaction. In addition, a reaction with the silicate substance of the stone takes place which results in high efficiency for several years. The product is distinguished by the following qualities:

  • extreme reduction of water and dirt absorption during periods of moisture
  • rapid liberation of humidity during dry periods due to high vapour diffusibility
  • maintenance of breathing properties because there is no surface layer
  • resistance to UV radiation
  • the colour of the stone is normally enhanced (preliminary test is necessary)

Preparation of the surface
The surface must be clean, totally dry and free from all protective layers applied earlier. When used outside, the stone must be free from harmful efflorescence which may impair chemical processes of impregnation. Depending on the type of stone and the degree of soiling, the following products can be recommended,: AKEMI® Stone Cleaner, AKEMI® Concrete Film Remover, AKEMI® Rust Remover, AKEMI® Wax Stripper, AKEMI® Algae and Mildew Remover, AKEMI® Oil and Grease Remover Paste, AKEMI® Graffiti-Remover. Rinse well with water without fail after cleaning. Before the stone is given its protective treatment, it must be totally dry. As a rule, this is the case after 1-2 days at the earliest.