Granite flooring

Thick bed technology of laying granite tiles/slabs
In the traditional method of laying granite tiles it is advised to use cement screed with a large amount of trass and contamination-free aggregates. It is essential to use sealing mortar, which prevents the granite slabs from moisture and contamination from capillary forces. The use of the complete system prevents efflorescence at the same time increasing adhesion of granite slabs. The producer of such systems on the Polish market is, for example, the Sopro company.

Medium bed technology of laying granite tiles/ slabs
In case of granite cladding of different thickness (cropped, split, with small unevenness) the medium bed adhesive mortar should be used allowing adhesion of up to 20mm layer. Depending on the complexity of patterns, it is necessary to choose one of the mortars: with trass, fast or normal setting, flexible or rigid, or on the base of white cement.

Adhesive thinset mortar
These mortars are used for thin granite cladding. The best are characterised by:

  • white cement content eliminating dullness and decolouring caused by iron oxide in gray cement;
  • trass content, which crystallizes calcium in reactions and simultaneously seals the mortar, thus avoiding efflorescence;
  • flexibility properties, which improve adhesion.