We produce slabs cut by diakers or multi wire saw. Their parameters are given in the table below (in cm).

  width height lenght maximal lenght
Diakers 2-30 80-120 180-250 400
Multi-wire-saw 2-9 120-150 285-320 320

Characteristics and use

Slabs, which are cut unfinished blocks, serve as a material for the production of many granite products such as tiles, windowsills and kitchen counters. They have features such as perfect durability to abrasion, mechanical impacts, weather conditions and low absorbability. The elements made of them are distinctive for their aesthetic values and discretely accentuate the aesthetics of the interiors.

Customised slabs can be ordered with one of the following textured surfaces:

  • polished
  • ground
  • flamed

The production of slabs is our greatest asset. Borów Granite Quarries Ltd. as the only company in Europe possess Pedrini 64 wire saw (Jupiter GS200-W64), which guarantees daily production  of 2000 m2 20 mm thick slabs.