Granite cut-to-size slabs and tiles


Characteristics and use
Gray medium grained granite is used for the production of high quality granite cut-to-size slabs and tiles. Such material is successfully used for interior flooring, paving and walling. The basic benefits are perfect durability to abrasion, compression and mechanical impacts, low absorbability and high resistance to frost. Despite the advances in technology and material engineering, sublime beauty of such finished stone is still irreplaceable.

We offer cut-to-size slabs and tiles in the following finishes:

  • polished – the surface is characterised by high smoothness. Stone has natural shine. The surface is relatively slippery. The acceptable coarseness ranges from 0.0025 to 0.02 mm. It is the most popular finishing, showing natural stone values and the full spectrum of granite shades.
  • ground – in this case the surface has distinctive coarseness. There are scratches after the use of abrasive materials while grinding. The acceptable depth of a scratch in case of rough ground structures is 1.5 mm; for preliminarily ground surface 0.3 -0.5mm and fully ground ones 0.1 -0.3 mm.
  • flamed – the texture is similar to naturally split surface. The coarseness of the surface depends on the diameter of quartz grains which undergo heat treatment.