Cropped setts

Characteristics and use
Granite is a perfect and durable construction material. The benefits of granite setts are the reason for using it in construction of roads, streets, squares and pavements. The basic features are perfect durability to abrasion, compression and mechanical impacts, low absorbability and high resistance to frost. Additionally. Granite setts harmonize well with the surroundings. Despite the developments in technology and material engineering, sublime beauty of such finished stone is still irreplaceable. The surface of cropped setts has splits characteristic for Strzegom granite. The lower and upper parts are parallel to each other. The edge refractions and unevenness up to 10mm are acceptable. The sides are approximately perpendicular to the upper surface. The sett is of light gray colour.

We produce cropped setts in the following sizes: 4/6 cm, 8/10 cm, 8/11 cm 15/17 cm.